Dear Value Clients,

Thank you so much for supporting our small business and community!

Our beauty therapists need to work in close proximity to our clients. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our clients to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Please kindly note that we can only allow a maximum of 4 people (including staff) in the studio at any time. Please wait in the waiting area outside of the studio when you arrive. Our staff will invite you in once your session starts. Please refrain from moving the chairs in the waiting area as they are placed at a safe distance following the guidelines provided.

There will be strictly 1 staff and 1 customer allowed in the treatment room. Please do not bring children, friends, or other companions along when you come for your treatment as they will not be allowed to enter the room with you.

We have provided social distancing markings on the floor 1.5m apart from each other. Please follow the markings when you are in the queue. Please feel free to use the provided hand-sanitizer at every entry and exit points in our studio.

Most importantly, if you are unwell with symptoms of fever or a respiratory tract infection (such as sore throat, cold, cough, aches, or shortness of breath), or come into contact with anyone from overseas or hotspots, please kindly cancel and reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused during this special time!

Thank you for your understanding & support!